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RTIs and Responses to RTIs

 RTIs & Responses to RTIs



Date of RTI   Name of RTI Applicant        RTI Application      IIFCL's Response
1  04/04/2014  Sh. R.K. Malhotra  RTI_R.K. Malhotra  Reply_RTI_R.K.Malhotra(16.26 MB)
2  17/04/2014  Sh. Rajesh Kumar

 RTI_Rajesh Kumar


Reply_RTI_Rajesh Kumar
3  01/05/2014  Sh. Suresh Kumar  RTI_Suresh Kumar Gautam Reply_RTI_Suresh Kumar Gautam
4  12/05/2014  Sh. Jitender Grover  RTI_Jitender Grover Reply_RTI_Jitender Grover
5  28/05/2014  Sh. Uttam Lodha  RTI_Uttam Lodha Reply_RTI_Uttam Lodha
6  21/08/2014  Sh. Mohit Nigam  RTI_Mohit Nigam_1 Reply_RTI_Mohit Nigam_1
7  01/09/2014  Ms. Mukta Tandon  RTI_Mukta Tandon Reply_RTI_Mukta Tandon
8  29/09/2014  Sh. Mohit Nigam  Sh. Mohit Nigam_2 Reply_RTI_Mohit Nigam_2
9  10/10/2014  Sh. Ashutosh Kumar  RTI_Ashutosh Kumar

Reply_RTI_Ashutosh Kumar

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Selected Candidates Result for various posts

10  13/10/2014  Sh. Mohit Nigam RTI_Mohit Nigam_3 Reply_RTI_Mohit Nigam_3
11  13/10/2014  Dr. Radhakishan Kothari& Smt. Indu Kothari RTI_Radhakishan_Indu Kothari Reply_RTI_Radhakishan_Indu_Kothari(549.70 KB)
12  19/03/2015  Sh. Ravi Ranjan Shahi& RTI_Ravi Ranjan Shahi Reply_RTI_Ravi Ranjan Shahi
13  25/03/2015  Sh. Subhankar Roy Chowdhuri& RTI_Subhankar Roy Chowdhuri Reply_RTI_Subhankar Roy




Date of RTI   Name of RTI Applicant        RTI Application      IIFCL's Response 
1  20/05/2015  Sh. Kamlesh Harsh& RTI_Kamlesh Harsh Reply_RTI_Kamlesh Harsh                                





Date of RTI   Name of RTI Applicant        RTI Application      IIFCL's Response 
1  17/08/2016  Chote Lal Gupta RTI Chote Lal Gupta                            Reply_RTI Chote Lal Gupta
2 17/08/2016 K Mankiya Rao RTI K Mankiya Rao Reply RTI K Mankiya Rao
3 17/08/216 Ritesh Kumar Goyal RTI Ritesh Kumar Goyal Reply Ritesh Kumar Goyal
4 17/08/2016 Sarita RTI Sarita Reply RTI Sarita
5 12/09/2016 Mohit Kumar Tiwari RTI Mohit Kumar Tiwari Reply RTI Mohit Kumar Tiwari
6 17/11/2016 Surendra Kumar Gupta RTI Surendra Kumar Gupta Reply RTI Surendra Kumar Gupta
7 25/11/2016 MD Ikbaal Ansari RTI MD Ikbaal Ansari Reply MD Ikbaal Ansari
8 09/02/2017  Mr.Vijay Prakash Malviya RTI Mr. Vijay Prakash Malviya Reply of Mr. Vijay Prakash Malviya    
9 20/02/2017  Mr.Dinesh Mani  RTI Mr.Dinesh Mani Reply of Mr. Dinesh Mani                    
10 20/02/2017  Mr.Rakesh Kumar Saini  RTI Mr. Rakesh Kumar  Saini Reply of Mr.Rakesh Kumar Saini
11 03/03/2017

Mr. Amarjit Kumar Rai

 RTI Mr. Amarjit Kumar Rai

Reply oMr. Amarjit Kumar Rai

12 07/03/2017

Shri Ntarajan V Baskaran
 RTI Shri Ntarajan V Baskaran

Reply of Shri Ntarajan V Baskaran           
13  08/03/2017

Shri Padam Singh
 RTI Shri Padam Singh

Reply of Shri Padam Singh
14 15/03/2017

Shri A.K Vishwakarma
 RTI Shri A.K Vishwakarma

Reply of Shri A.K Vishwakarma       
        15           30/03/2017 Shri Rajesh Gannavarapu RTI Shri Rajesh   Gannavarapu          Reply of Shri Rajesh Gannavarapu         
16  31/03/2017 Shri Naresh Kumar RTI Shri Naresh Kumar Reply of Shri Naresh Kumar



Date of RTI   Name of RTI Applicant                   RTI Application                                     IIFCL's  Response                                     
1  02/05/2017 Shri Ramprasath S RTI Shri   Ramprasath S     Reply of Shri Ramprasath S
2  11/05/2017  Shri Rajesh Gannavarapu RTI Shri Rajesh Gannavarapu Reply of Shri Rajesh Gannavarapu
3  19/05/2017 Shri K.R. Reddy RTI Shri K.R. Reddy Reply of Shri K.R. Reddy
4  19/05/2017 Shri K.R. Reddy RTI Shri K.R. Reddy Reply of Shri K.R. Reddy
5  19/05/2017 Shri K.R. Reddy RTI Shri K.R. Reddy Reply of Shri K.R. Reddy
6  01/06/2017 Shri Akash Kumar Upadhyay RTI Shri Akash Kumar Upadhyay Reply of Shri Akash Kumar Upadhyay
7  14/06/2017 Shri Madanbedia RTI Shri Madanbedia Reply of Shri Madanbedia
8  20/06/2017 Mis Khushbu Kumari RTI Mis Khushbu Kumari Reply of Shri Khushbu Kumari
9  27/06/2017 Shri Sukhmeet Singh RTI Shri Sukhmeet Singh Reply of Shri Sukhmeet Singh
10  19/07/2017 Shri Vidhyadhar Pandyey RTI Shri Vidhyadhar Pandyey Reply of Shri Vidhyadhar Pandyey
11  19/07/2017 Shri S.Siva Kumar RTI Shri S.Siva Kumar Reply of Shri S.Siva Kumar
12  19/07/2017 Shri S.Siva Kumar RTI Shri S.Siva Kumar Reply of Shri S.Siva Kumar
13  21/07/2017 Smt Kumudani Sharma  RTI Smt Kumudani Sharma  Reply of Smt Kumudani Sharma 
14  24/07/2017 Shri S.Siva Kumar RTI Shri S.Siva Kumar Reply of Shri S.Siva Kumar
15  09/08/2017 Shri Rajan Yadav RTI Shri Rajan Yadav Reply of Shri Rajan Yadav
16  18/08/2017 Shri Vidhyadhar Pandey RTI Shri Vidhyadhar Pandey Reply of Shri Vidhyadhar Pandey
17  28/08/2017 Mis Rakhi RTI Mis Rakhi Reply of Mis Rakhi
18  05/09/2017 Shri Manohar Singh RTI Shri Manohar Singh Reply of Shri Manohar Singh
19  15/09/2017 Shri Akshay Narang RTI Shri Akshay Narang Reply of Shri Akshay Narang
20  20/09/2017 Shri Bhagwat Kumar Seth RTI Shri Bhagwat Kumar Seth Reply of Shri Bhagwat Kumar Seth
21  06/10/2017 Shri A S Chauhan RTI Shri A S Chauhan Reply of Shri A S Chauhan
22  13/10/2017 Mis Noor Fatima  RTI Mis Noor Fatima Reply of Mis Noor Fatima
23  09/11/2017 Shri N Lal RTI Shri N Lal Reply of Shri N Lal
24  17/11/2017 Shri Krishna Sanjiv Musane RTI Shri Kishna Sanjiv Musane Reply of Shri Kishna Sanjiv Musane
25  27/11/2017 Shri Sameer  RTI Shri Sameer  Reply of Shri Sameer
26  11/12/2017 Shri Ramesh Surya RTI Shri Ramesh Surya Reply of Shri Ramesh Surya
27  15/12/2017 Shri Sanjay Kumar RTI Shri Sanjay Kumar Reply of Shri Sanjay Kumar
28  12/01/2018 Shri Vodela Suresh Babu RTI Shri Vodela Suresh Babu Reply of Shri Vodela Suresh Babu
29  09/02/2018 Shri Gannavarapu Veerendra Kumar  RTI Shri Gannavarapu Veerendra Kumar 

Reply of  Shri Gannavarapu Veerendra Kumar 

30  22/02/2018 Shri Gajendran  RTI Shri Gajendran

Reply of  Shri Gajendran

31  26/02/2018 Shri Vodela Suresh Babu  RTI Shri Vodela Suresh Babu

Reply of Shri Vodela Suresh Babu

32  12/03/2018 Shri Giridharan S R RTI Shri Giridharan S R

Reply of Shri Giridharan S R

33  26/03/2018 Shri Prabhu Nath Singh RTI Shri Prabhu Nath Singh 

Reply of Shri Prabhu Nath Singh

34  27/03/2018 Shri Naresh RTI Shri Naresh

Reply of Shri Naresh



Sh Shubjot Singh


Date of RTI   Name of RTI Applicant  RTI Application    IIFCL's Response 
1  06/04/2018 Shri Hemant Kumar Dhruw 

Reply of Shri Hemant Kumar


2  09/04/2018 Ms Charu Dhamir RTI Ms Charu Dhamir

Reply of Ms Charu Dhamir

3  09/04/2018 Ms Bhawana Yadav RTI Ms Bhawana Yadav

Reply of Ms Bhawana Yadav

4  16/04/2018 Shri K Kumar RTI Shri K Kumar

Reply of Shri K Kumar

5  27/04/2018 Shri Sanjeev Kumar RTI Shri Sanjeev Kumar(574.75 KB)

Reply of Shri Sanjeev Kumar(208.41 KB)

6  09/05/2018 Mrs. Anupama Tarun Khatwani

RTI Mrs Anupama Tarun Khatwani

Reply of Mrs Anupama Tarun


7  14/05/2018 Shri Raghavan RTI Shri Shri Raghavan(11.89 KB)

Reply of Shri Raghavan

8  15/05/2018 Shri Rakesh Kumar RTI Shri Rakesh Kumar

Reply of Shri Rakesh Kumar

9  21/05/2018 Shri Ganesh RTI Shri Ganesh

Reply of Shri Ganesh

10  21/05/2018 Shri Arivarasu P RTI Shri Arivarasu P

Reply of Shri Arivarasu P

11  28/05/2018 Shri Piyush Sanghi RTI Shri Piyush Sanghi

Reply of Shri Piyush Sanghi

12  11/06/2018 Shri Arivarasu P RTI Shri Arivarasu P

Reply of Shri Arivarasu P

13  03/07/2018 Shri Arivarasu P RTI Shri Arivarasu P

Reply of Shri Arivarasu P

14  23/07/2018 Shri Arivarasu P RTI Shri Arivarasu P

Reply of Shri Arivarasu P

15  09/08/2018 Shri S Devadass RTI Shri S Devadass

Reply of Shri S Devadass

16  15/08/2018 Shri Raghavan RTI Shri Raghavan

Reply of Shri Raghavan

17  19/08/2018 Shri Vinay Gautam RTI Shri Vinay Gautam

Reply of Shri Vinay Gautam

18  27/08/2018 Shri Krupasindhu Guru RTI Shri Krupasindhu Guru 

 Reply of  Shiri Krupasindhu Guru(207.44 KB)

19  01/09/2018 Shri Ashutosh Singla  RTI Shri Ashutosh Singla(116.85 KB)

Reply of Shri Ashutosh Singla(170.08 KB)

20  03/09/2018 Shri Gaurav Jain RTI Shri Gaurav Jain

Reply of Shri Gaurav Jain

21  08/09/2018 Shri Ashutosh Singla RTI Shri Ashutosh Singla       

Reply of Shri Ashutosh Singla

22  08/09/2018 Shri Ashutosh Singla RTI Shri Ashutosh Singla    

Reply of Shri Ashutosh Singla

23  13/09/2018 Ms Renu Singh RTI Ms Renu Singh (559.21 KB)               

Reply of Ms Renu Singh(154.99 KB)

24  15/09/2018 Shri Ashutosh Singla RTI Shri Ashutosh Singla

Reply of Shri Ashutosh Singla

25  15/10/2018 Shri Krupasindhu Guru RTI Shri Krupasindhu Guru(118.55 KB)

Reply of Shri Krupasindhu Guru(220.79 KB)

26  23/10/2018 Ms Deepali Chauhan  RTI Ms Deepali Chauhan

Reply of Ms Deepali Chauhan

27  05/11/2018 Shri Sharad Kumar  RTI Shri Sharad Kumar (1.48 MB)

Reply of Shri Sharad Kumar(168.20 KB)

28  08/11/2018 Shri Vinay Gautam RTI Shri Vinay Gautam

Reply of Shri Vinay Gautam

29  03/12/2018 Shri Pradeep RTI Shri Pradeep

Reply of shri Pradeep

30  16/01/2019 Shri Gagan Malhotra RTI Shri Gagan Malhotra

Reply of shri Gagan Malhotra

31  18/01/2019 Shri Kanhaiya RTI Shri Kanhaiya

Reply of Shri Kanhaiya

32  25/01/2019 Shri Krishna Jain RTI Shri Krishna Jain

Reply of shri Krishna Jain

33 29/01/2019 Shri Vijay Kumar  RTI Vijay Kumar 

Reply of Shri Vijay Kumar 

34  12/02/2019 Shri Shubjot Singh RTI Shri Shubjot Singh

Reply of Shri Shubjot Singh

35  20/02/2019 Shri Kanhaiya RTI Shri Kanhaiya

Reply of Shri Kanhaiya

36  25/02/2019 Ms Twinkle Patnaik  RTI Twinkle Patnaik 

Reply of Ms Twinkle Patnaik 

37  05/03/2019 Shri N C Jain RTI N C Jain 

Reply of Shri N C Jain

38  07/03/2019 Shri Kanhaiya RTI Shri Kanhaiya

Reply of Shri Kanhaiya

39  07/03/2019 Shri Manoj Kumar  RTI Shri Manoj Kumar 

Reply of Shri Manoj Kumar 

40  08/03/2019 Ms Sushma RTI Ms Sushma 

Reply of Ms Sushma 

41  13/03/2019 Ms Priya Kamra  RTI Ms Priya Kamra 

Reply of Ms Priya Kamra 

42  14/03/2019 Shri Datar  RTI Shri Datar 

Reply of Shri Datar 

43  22/03/2019 Shri Rajat Tripathi RTI Shri Rajat Tripathi

Reply of Shri Rajat Tripathi 

44  29/03/2019 Shri Mohd Anooth RTI Shri Mohd Anooth

Reply of Shri Mohd Anooth 

45  30/03/2019 Shri Ashish Singh  RTI Shri Ashish Singh 

Reply of Shri Ashish Singh 

46  02/04/2019 Ms Rachna Jain  RTI Ms Rachna Jain 

Reply of Ms Rachna Jain 

47  26/04/2019 Shri MJ Raju RTI Shri MJ Raju

Reply of Shri MJ Raju

48  16/05/2019 Shri N C Jain RTI Shri N C Jain

Reply of Shri N C Jain 

49  20/06/2019 Shri Fransis Kujur RTI Shri Fransis Kujur

Reply of Shri Fransis Kujur 

50  16/07/2019 Shri S.Singhal RTI Shri S.Singhal(156.01 KB) Reply of Shri S.Singhal(150.49 KB)
51  24/07/2019 Shri Niraj Rajesh Bhatt RTI Shri Niraj Rajesh Bhatt

Reply of Shri Niraj Rajesh Bhatt 

52  31/07/2019 Shri Dr. Mukul Gupta  RTI Shri Dr. Mukul Gupta (787.69 KB)

Reply of Shri Dr. Mukul Gupta (249.71 KB)

53  06/08/2019 Shri Samir Sardana  RTI Shri Samir Sardana(3.51 MB)

Reply of Shri Samir Sardana (149.04 KB)

54  06/09/2019 Smt. Anupama   RTI Smt Anupama(11.67 KB)

Reply of Smt Anupama (160.11 KB)

55  11/09/2019 Shri Shyamlal Yadav  RTI Shyamlal Yadav(114.44 KB)

Reply of Shri Shyamlal Yadav (409.37 KB)

56  19/09/2019 Smt. A Karuna  RTI A Karuna (497.67 KB)

Reply of Smt A Karuna (154.14 KB)

57  03/10/2019 Shri Birjesh Kumar  RTI Birjesh Kumar (730.71 KB)

Reply of Smt Birjesh Kumar (149.44 KB)

58  28/10/2019 Shri Kartikeya  RTI Kartikeya (111.75 KB)

Reply of Shri Kartikeya(152.51 KB)

59  04/11/2019 Shri Birjesh Kumar  RTI Brijesh Kumar (216.26 KB)

Reply of  Shri Rishabh Kumar (163.13 KB)

60  04/11/2019 Ms Soma Sekhar  RTI Soma Sekhar (884.15 KB)

Reply of  Ms Soma Sekhar (171.51 KB)

61  04/11/2019 Shri Rishabh Kumar  RTI Rishabh Kumar (1.08 MB)

Reply of  Shri Rishabh (163.13 KB)

62  22/11/2019 Shri Manik Sehgal  RTI Manik Sehgal (2.70 MB)

Reply of  Shri Manik Sehgal (158.68 KB)

63  22/11/2019 Shri Nagarajan  RTI Nagarajan (784.21 KB)

Reply of  Shri Nagarajan (158.87 KB)